Compare Features

Fundraiser Sale vs. Custom Auction
Which is Right for You?

Feature Fundraiser Sale Custom Auction
Buy Now Only yes yes
Bidding no yes
Profile Photo or Logo yes yes
Copy Listings yes yes
PayPal Buttons yes yes
Catalog Seller Page Custom Sale Catalog with Banner
Sale Banner Ad on Home Page no yes
YouTube Videos per Listing 1 2
Photos per Listing 2 5
Link to your Website yes yes
Listing Types

Breeding Contracts, Embryo Transfer, Equine Services, Equine Items, Horse Sale, Trainer Sale

Listing Preview no yes
Bid/Purchase Begins When Added Custom Date
Listing Ends Choose 10, 15, 30, 60, or 90 days Custom End Date/Time
Donor Acknowledgement yes yes
Show Past Sales no yes
Show Sold Listings no yes
Change Listing Order no yes
Featured Listings on Home Page no yes
Sale Result Page no yes
Winner Bidder Report no yes
Listing Fees Only When Sold Custom Quote

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